January 4, 2021

TOASTS: No matter the size of your wedding, there’s bound to be a toast or two. Here’s our best tips for nailing your #weddingtoast:
✅ Do…Keep it short. 3-5 minutes long. This means HEAVILY editing! Tell a short story, and then wrap it up.

✅ Do…Practice by recording yourself. I used to do this for classical piano and it creates a sense of performance 🎹. This helps you get used to feeling nervous so that when it comes time to actually speak in front of everyone, you’re a pro.

❌ Don’t…Make it all about you! You have nothing to prove, so don’t go on with endless stories. The #1 thing all our clients dislike most about weddings are long speeches (pretty sure everyone dislikes these), so don’t be “that” person.

Couples, don’t forget to practice your own thank you speech too!